Mary Jane Sneyd

Fabric portraiture,
nudes & artworks

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Babe in Arms

Made for the SAQA 'Guns: Loaded Conversations' exhibition.

As a foreigner, with both children and grandchildren living in the USA, I am horrified by the number of deaths caused by guns and the all too frequent media reports of carnage from gun violence in the USA. Children, whether they use guns to kill or are killed by guns, are the innocent victims of this mindlessness. Surely this amount of 'collateral damage' is totally unacceptable in society and must be addressed immediately?

Finalist in the International Quilt Association exhibition in Houston, Texas, 2018.
Juried into the Ailsa Craig exhibition, Canada, 2019.
Juried into the Rotorua Quilt Show, New Zealand, 2019

Dimensions: 46" high x 30" wide.
Materials: Commercial quilting fabrics, dress fabrics, used shirts, tulle.
Techniques: Fused fabric collage, machine applique, digitally printed and transferred text, free-motion machine quilting, walking foot quilting.

In a private collection.