Mary Jane Sneyd

Fabric portraiture,
nudes & artworks

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I am a doctor and scientist, and a self-taught textile artist. In 2014 I discovered art quilts and Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) online, and in 2015 I made my first textile portrait. I am particularly interested in the portrayal of the human form and all parts of the human body. I enjoy playing with colour, pattern and value and relish the challenge of constructing the human form in a monochromatic palette of textiles and thread.

I take inspiration from words and books but most of my subject matter comes from historical and contemporary family photographs. I like to add more layers of meaning or alter the arrangement and context of the original pictures to tell a new story. More recently I have branched out into social commentary, again usually based on the human figure. My work has also encompassed Greek mythology and sculpture, and the occasional animal.

The unifying threads in my works are the style and techniques used. Although the details of the techniques used change from piece to piece, the majority is made in a realistic collage style in fabric and thread. I predominantly use commercial cotton fabric, batiks and recycled clothing, with an occasional line of pencil or dot of paint for tiny details.

I welcome commissions. Please feel free to email me at to discuss commissioning a fabric portrait, nude or collage of hands. Each piece I make is unique. However, if there is something you like on the website but it has already been sold, please contact me to discuss having a piece made on a similar theme and/or technique.